Brian Wilson is Awesome

I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of that ridiculously dark fake beard of his, but Brian Wilson is pretty awesome.  He dominated the Phillies for the last week, and after watching this interview on “Cheap Seats,” I think he’s pretty damn funny and/ or a totally psycho queerbag.  Regardless, the guy’s fun to watch and is becoming one of my favorite closers in the game.  Plus, he might be the one person in all of sports that I’m afraid to rip apart here on boozecrew, because I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he just popped out of nowhere and tore my throat out MacGruber style.

Watch the first 6 minutes (especially after around 4) of this video and tell me he isn’t a funny yet crazy bastard.

Video: The Cheap Seats: Brian Wilson + ‘The Machine’