Biggest Bitch Award: Darrelle Revis

This guy is really bothering me right now and he deserves this award hands down for all of the bitchin and cryin he’s done lately.  Darrelle Revis, corner back of the NY Jets, is holding out and we are now on day 2.  Revis; we get it, you’re the best CB in the league (even though the league didn’t think so last year by picking interception machine Charles Woodson over you as Defensive Player of the Year).  But this is how a contract works asshole.  You play with what you received and accepted as a contract previously in your career.  If you knew you were going to be this good, than you shouldn’t have accepted it and not run runaway crying when you’re team needs you the most and will literally fall apart if you continue to hold out.  Apparently getting 20 MILLION bucks isn’t worth playing for as his guaranteed money is no longer due to the hold out.  You’re an aboslute idiot Revis and I actually hope the Jets dont cave in to you so easily.

Although, there is no player more important to the Jets right now than Darrelle Revis, as he is hands down a true shut down corner.  Chemistry is incredibly important in the NFL, especially on defense where you absolutely have to trust and like you’re teammates.  Revis is trying to fuck it all up for the Jets and that’s really a shame after what he did for them last season.  This holdout is ridiculous.  Do what you’re supposed to do by shutting the hell up, putting on your pads, honoring your contract, and dominating like you did last season.  Hey Revis, why are you so scared of playing under your current contract anyway?  I think you’re just worried you wont have anywhere near as good a year and get your “Asomugha” contract next year.  You sir Revis, are being the biggest bitch.