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By Carol Siegel

К. Зигеля книга крестиком орнаментов восхитительное дополнение посвященное вышивке.Ее выбор это цвета мягкие, в целом, она создала привлекательные проекты. Кроме того,она включает в себя шаг за шагом инструкции для отделки,подарки на Рождество.Рекомендую эту книгу для тех,кто заинтересован в создании привлекательных праздничных украшений.

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For variety, you can hold only the edge in the heat core. It will become dark bronze, then purple, and finally blue. Each rosette then can be variously colored to suit your taste. Color the textured nail head separately, or simply polish it on the buffer to remove the forge-black. It will then look like a silver button in the darker-colored rosette. Or, if the nail head is patinated a straw yellow, it will shine like gold surrounded by' rainbow colors. Such rosettes can be made into drawer pulls and other artifacts.

Thus enlarged, the tapered depression will take a Y2-inch-diameter round rod. Round off (grind) the sharp edges at the top of the hole to prevent angle bends from becoming marred during upsetting. The jig should open just enough to insert the rod and then be tightened firmly in the vise before upsetting. A RIGHT-ANGLE BEND USING VISE AND JIG ( v Upsetting using a vise alone, as in illustrations Ia and 2a, also speeds up freehand forming of a right-angle bend, but often leaves scarred surfaces when the hot steel is hammered over the sharp edges of the vise jaws.

Hold a finger lightly on the blade while grinding; if it becomes too hot to touch, interrupt grinding momentarily, holding the blade 1/16 inch from the stone to allow it to cool in the air thrown off by the stone as it revolves. Repeat this finger-testing and cooling method as often as necessary until blade is as thin as you want it. (This is one time you could wish to have an old-fashioned watered grindstone moving at slow speed. ) Once the blade is thin enough (experience will tell you later how flexible you can make it), it can be tempered as shown in illustrations 7, 8, and 9.

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