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By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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And the youth answered, saying, "Hear thou, O king, The Story of Abu Sabir. There was once a man, a village headman,[FN#165] Abú Sabír hight, and he had much black cattle and a buxom wife, who had borne him two sons. They abode in a certain hamlet and there used to come thither a lion and rend and devour Abu Sabir's herd, so that the most part thereof was wasted and his wife said to him one day, "This lion hath wasted the greater part of our property. " But Abu Sabir said, "Have patience, O woman, for the issue of patience is praised.

The page said no more to him; however, when it was morning, he acquainted a number of the king's servants with the matter, and they said, "This is an opportunity for us. " They rejoined, "What proof wouldst thou have? " Then they went to the youth and said to him, "Know that the king thanketh thee for thy dealing yesternight and exceedeth in commendation of thy good deed;" and they prompted him again to do the like. Accordingly, when the next night came, the king abode on wake, watching the youth; and as for the latter, he went to the door of the pavilion and unsheathing his scymitar, stood in the doorway.

When Abú Sábir's troops saw this, they marvelled and said, "What be this deed the king doth? There cometh a king to him, craving protection, and he spoileth him! " But they dared not speak of this. Presently, news came to the king of highwaymen in his land; so he set out in quest of them and ceased not to follow after them, till he had seized on them all. and behold, they were the very thieves who had plundered him and his wife by the way and had carried off his children. " Abú Sábir, however, paid no heed to their words, and seized all their good and bade put them all to death.

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