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Parliamentary govt in Victoria is now greater than a century and a part previous. it's a tale of low and high lighting fixtures, idealistic commitment and self-serving manipulation, with many vibrant figures - yet over the a long time the improvement of a good culture of democratic carrier to a not easy public with excessive expectancies. This booklet concisely describes the start within the 1850s of democratic, self sufficient executive and its development over fifteen a long time. This ebook is a paperback e-book of 244 pages and comprises many black and white political cartoons.

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The Land Convention, which championed large-scale redistribution of the land, was the great radical movement of the late 1850s, though there were others. At one stage the Land Convention absorbed the political labour cause. Radical clubs were common in goldfield towns, with a mixture of social activity, political discussion and readiness to support ultra-democratic politicians. The Tariff League and Protectionist League pressed for higher tariffs to encourage local agriculture and manufacturing.

The many miners often worked for a mixture of wages and a share of the profits. Shearers replacing the old exconvict force often aspired to own their own farms. Most Victorians expected to move up the social and economic scale; they might be called ‘aspirational’ a century and a half later. These battlers were, collectively, the ones who decided the outcome of elections and chose which elite politicians were to represent them. The strength of the battler vote rose steadily and few ministries stayed long in power without it.

Catholics in Australia generally followed this approach. 28 Jostling ‘The Englishman’s Protection Society’ (23 July 1863). English immigrants to goldrush Victoria saw the irony of being outnumbered in what they supposed was an English colony. The Irish, Scots, Welsh, Germans and Chinese together outnumbered them, while the Australian-born – often with the others mixed in their background – were emerging as the biggest group of all. The rivalry was mostly light-hearted banter, as in this joke in Melbourne Punch, but occasionally there was more serious irritation.

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