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By Clifford A. Pickover

A Beginner's consultant to Immortality is a party of bizarre lives and artistic thinkers who punched via usual cultural norms whereas turning into winning of their personal niches. In his most modern and maximum paintings, world-renowned technological know-how author Cliff Pickover reviews such colourful characters as Truman Capote, John Cage, Stephen Wolfram, Ray Kurzweil, and Wilhelm Rontgen, and their curious principles. via those members, we will larger discover life's superb richness and glimpse the range of human mind's eye. half memoir and half surrealistic point of view on tradition, A Beginner's advisor to Immortality offers readers a glimpse of latest methods of pondering and of different worlds as he reaches throughout cultures and friends past our usual fact. He illuminates one of the most mysterious phenomena affecting our species. what's creativity? What are the spiritual implications of mosquito evolution, simulated Matrix realities, the brain's personal marijuana, and the maths of the apocalypse? may we be an insignificant software program simulation dwelling in a matrix? who's Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and Emanuel Swedenborg? Did church forefathers consume psychedelic snails? How do we properly extend our minds to turn into extra profitable and cause past the boundaries of our personal instinct? How do we turn into immortal?

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