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By Donald W. Shaner

The aim of this research is to give a Christian view of divorce
in mild of the lessons of the hot testomony. It doesn't claim
to be the Christian view, considering in the course of the background of Christianity
numerous attitudes relating divorce were expressed.
The New testomony teachings themselves appear to point out the
early alterations that arose within the primitive church. Moreover,
to the current day there were a variety of interpretations regarding
the content material and that means of the biblical texts. church buildings and
individual students have taken positions that variety from the strict
prohibition of divorce to the allowance of divorce and remarriage
for a large choice of purposes

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He first observes that the pure I, when examined in itself and not related to lived experiences, even if it is in an immediate relation with reduced consciousness, is transcendent. This is why the pure I must be placed in parentheses too. Second, the same must be done to the world, whose transcendence presents itself with complete transparency. But, opposite to the pole of the world one finds a third transcendence, which is known in a different way, namely, the transcendence of God. Husserl shows himself to be an adherent of the Western philosophical tradition, which delineates three distinct but related realities: I, world, and 25 A-T.

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In reality, Husserl is close to the above-mentioned thinkers. The reference to the second author is more explicit as Husserl deliberately appropriates the Leibnizian concept of the monad. From the Monad to the Highest or Greatest Monad If the study of the monad seems to become a characteristic theme after the 1920s, in reality, however, already in 1908, Husserl writes a text entitled, Monadology. As already mentioned, Husserl is drawing closer to a more subtle delineation of the flow of consciousness, asking about the relation that ensues with the body.

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