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This paintings renders an uncompromising verdict at the scourge of our millennium: i. e. modernism, itself the artefact of convinced past due Eurocentric propensities. It argues that, while modernism is possessed of a few virtues and benignities, they're bought at a ways too excessive a cost-indeed, a value that neither the species nor the planet can, on any scale, locate reasonable.

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But since the Nazis always showed the greatest effrontery, they were obviously obliged to make greater demands upon the goodwill of the police than their rivals. Disturbances, fisticuffs in halls and in the streets, earned for the Party a greater popularity than that enjoyed by the German Socialist and People’s Parties. It achieved a very dubious reputation, but that was better than having no reputation at all, like its rivals. Chance favoured it further. A Munich rabbi tried to refute an anti-Semitic speech at a Nazi meeting.

When the revolutionaries disappointed expectations, the bourgeoisie felt as though it had itself made a false decision. ” National Socialism became the sin on the conscience of the German bourgeoisie. There were special reasons for bad consciences in Munich. Here Kurt Eisner, a man who was purely and sincerely an idealist, the archetype of the radical Liberal, had been leader of the Revolution. He was an author, something of a Bohemian, and a North German Jew who nevertheless adored the Bavarian spirit as do most of those who have lived in close contact with it.

The programme at this point even indulges in a joke, for—as will be shown later—section (b) means that the Berliner Tageblatt, for example, may indeed be published, but only in Hebrew. Point 25—the strong central authority—is Hitler’s spiritual child. It is true that in the next few years he modified to some extent his desire for centralization. It is on this very point that he has exemplified the power of his art of ambiguous expression; and indeed he has shown altogether how he can gild the iron letters of Downloaded by [INFLIBNET Centre] at 08:49 29 August 2012 20 A History of National Socialism his principles with rhetorical decoration so that they glitter vaguely and delusively.

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