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Marpeck: A Life of Dissent and Conformity (Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite History)

Pilgram Marpeck was once an excellent engineer and passionate theologian dedicated to justice and nonviolence. whereas hundreds of thousands died in the course of the tumultuous years of the Reformation, Marpeck continually stood as much as the ruling powers, calling for freedom of faith and separation of church and country. Walter Klaassen and William Klassen, editors of The Writings of Pilgram Marpeck, have deeply mined Marpeck' s writing and discussion with different Reformation leaders putting his existence, paintings, and theology within the context of his violent, altering instances.

The complete writings of Menno Simons, c.1496-1561

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His first published poems, written while he was an undergraduate, appeared in Occident, the literary journal of the University of California, Berkeley. He has since published occasional works in various journals, with A Momentary Stay being his first collection of poems. While a Fellow at the Institute of Pacific Studies at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, he edited collections of poetry written by Pacific Islanders and helped facilitate their publication. Although agreeing with Auden that, generally speaking, poetry ‘makes nothing happen’, he has written papers on poetry as commentary on contemporary social and economic issues in the Pacific Islands.

A tall order since the last thing we want to be rid of is them. Not them: they play such vivacious roles on the feature screens of our senses offering opulent entertainment for a trifling entrance fee. , noise, quarrelling, clamour

22 A Momentary Stay On Listening to the Stock Market Report Every day I hear how the Dow is down, the Dow is up. It’s falling, rising, suffering a sustained correction following the forecast. This is not the Tao that cannot be named or known. The Dow the world watches tacks along a jagged course swerving between sentiment, voracity, and fear. Looking out my window I see a brown hawk floating lightly in the ocean of air. A Momentary Stay 23 The Future The future looks likely to face hard times considering how we now expend the earth and live our lives, allowing the dragon’s greed to hoard such of nature’s wealth as might have otherwise endowed grace to boulevards, enriched orchards of invigorating leaves, originated gardens, affirmed the lucidity of water.

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