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By M. Perret Catipovic

This number of vintage and modern essays - from the likes of Freud, Blos and Laufer - makes a huge contribution to the reassessment of psychoanalytic realizing and therapy of adults.

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E. to what specific inner situation of the patients our technique has to be adjusted to make adolescents more amenable to analytic treatment. So far as I am concerned, I am impressed by a similarity between the responses of these young patients and those of two other well-known types of mental upset, namely the reactions to treatment during unhappy love affairs and during periods of mourning. In both these latter states there is much mental suffering and, as a rule, the urgent wish to be helped; in spite of this, neither state answers well to analytic therapy.

51If this supposition as to the libido distribution in the adolescent personality can be accepted as a correct statement, it can serve to explain some of our young patients' behaviour in treatment, such as: their reluctance to cooperate; their lack of involvement in the therapy or in the relationship to the analyst; their battles for the reduction of weekly sessions; their unpunctuality; their missing of treatment sessions for the sake of outside activities; their sudden breaking off of treatment altogether.

To return to the initial question: it seems that we are able to foretell the adolescent reactions in certain specific and typical constellations but certainly not for all the individual variations of infantile personality structure. Our insight into typical developments will increase with the number of adolescents who undergo analysis. -55- Pathology in adolescence This leaves us with a third problem which, to my mind, outweighs the preceding ones so far as clinical and theoretical significance are concerned.

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