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His other actions, such as orders for the closure of Guantanamo Bay prison, withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and his overtures to Iran as well as other conciliatory gestures, indicate the thrust of his administration toward correcting the mistakes of the past; all these actions should be the harbinger of a more peaceful world. There are a number of areas in which the Muslims and the United States have shared values, perceptions, and interests, which should act as the stepping-stones for policy formulations for the common good.

This too is incorrect, since in Islam no single human being is inferior or superior to another, and the best and closest to God are the righteous among both men and women. In the Quran it is stated, “Whosoever works righteousness, Man or Woman, and has faith, verily to him will We give a life that is good and pure, and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions” (Quran 16:97). There are many safeguards for women in Islam; to mention only a few, the right of inheritance, the right of divorce and the right to choose the man a woman wants to marry.

It is categorically stated in the Quran that anyone who kills even one innocent human being, it is as if he has killed the whole of humanity (Quran 5:32). Islam is a religion of peace and the word Islam itself means “submission to the will of God” and is derived from the root word, Salam, meaning peace. There is also an erroneous belief that Muslim women are not granted the equal status and equal rights of men. This too is incorrect, since in Islam no single human being is inferior or superior to another, and the best and closest to God are the righteous among both men and women.

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