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By Elisabeth Schellekens

Aesthetic and ethical price are usually obvious to head hand in hand.  They achieve this not just virtually, reminiscent of in our daily checks of artistic endeavors that elevate ethical questions, but additionally theoretically, reminiscent of in Kant's concept that good looks is the logo of morality.  a few philosophers have argued that it truly is within the relation among aesthetic and ethical worth that the main to an enough knowing of both concept lies. yet tricky questions abound.  needs to a piece of paintings be morally admirable in an effort to be aesthetically helpful? How, if in any respect, do our ethical values form our aesthetic decisions - and vice versa? 

 Aesthetics and Morality is a stimulating and insightful inquiry into accurately this set of questions. Elisabeth Schellekens explores the most rules and debates on the intersection of aesthetics and ethical philosophy. She invitations readers to mirror at the nature of attractiveness, artwork and morality, and offers the philosophical wisdom to render such mirrored image extra rigorous. This unique, inspiring and wonderful ebook sheds priceless new mild on a particularly complicated and difficult zone of proposal.

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That Carmen leads us to side with its eponymous heroine and perhaps even question one's traditional mora) sympathies is not only an aspect of the overall experience that the work affords that must be experienced directly, but also part of why we value the opera for its own sake. 9 Once reached, this position he lps us to make sense of how certain non-aesthetic kinds of value undeniably do seem to be part of the intrinsically valuable experiences we have of art: aesthetic value is not, in other words, the only kind of value of art that yields intrinsically valuable experience.

Let us begin by look ing at the main arguments both for and against the claim that art can yield knowledge in general, in order eventually to home in on the issue of whether it can, or cannot, give us moral knowledge in particular. The outcome of this question will have wide-ranging ramifications for our underlying concern in the relation between Aesthetics and Morality since many aspects of the suggestion that aesthetic and moral value can exercise mutu al influence on one another depends on the possibil­ ity that art can indeed yield some form of moral knowledge or understanding.

That is t o say, art is valuable to us first and foremost because of the experience we have of it , and it is that experience which can, in t urn , be valued for different reasons. Indeed, as we shall see throughout this book, it is the ingredient of individual experience that seems to hold the key to the best under­ standing of many of th e most central features of aesthetic and moral value and th e interactions between them. We shall therefore return to this question further along our journey.

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