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By Shane O'Neill, Keith Breen

Explores the ways that the geographical region and nationalism are challenged by way of modern realities. This quantity addresses changes to our figuring out of nationwide sovereignty, difficulties posed by means of violent clash among rival nationwide tasks, the feasibility of postnationalist democracy and citizenship, and the talk over worldwide justice.

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This has led to a younger generation of students of nationalism being perplexed by the proliferation of demands for national emancipation that are not designed to build separate nationstates. This perplexity is the first step towards a paradigm shift. 3 Nations, national sovereignty, and national self-determination: a paradigm shift Thomas Kuhn (1996) famously conceptualized the use of paradigms in scientific thought. A paradigm is a body of knowledge containing commonly accepted views about a subject, as well as a prescription as to what direction research should take and how it should be validated.

This thinking is encouraged by the well-known and yet simplistic dichotomy between civic and ethnic nationalisms or identities. However, in reality, no states or political communities are purely civic or ethnic in content; rather, Ephraim Nimni 29 they all fall into a messy continuum between these two ideal-typical poles. And liberal democracies that think themselves wholly civic are most likely complicit in the perpetuation and privileging of specific dominant ethnicities and cultures, which over time come to be seen as ‘universal’, the norm to which all must conform.

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