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Книга Aichi D3A1/2 Val Aichi D3A1/2 Val Книги Вооружение Автор: Peter C. Smith Год издания: 1999 Формат: pdf Издат.:Crowood Press Страниц: 194 Размер: 106.9 ISBN: 1861262787 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:From the assault on Pearl Harbor to the kamikaze raids within the remaining phases of WWII, the Aichi Val was once a powerful eastern weapon that prompted massive harm to Allied ships and floor installations. utilizing professional documents and the testimony of fellows who designed and flew it, Peter Smith tells the total tale of the Aichi D3A1/2 Val utilizing many infrequent photos and interviews with surviving workforce individuals. packed with a wealth of fabric by no means earlier than noticeable in this often-overlooked airplane.

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Numbers, equipment). The causes of these upsets form the basis for much of military education. A contemporary student of warfare knows that these upsets were not upsets at all but the result of a failure to recognize that competitive advantage is not necessarily equivalent to force advantage. A competitive advantage derives from a synthesis of a critical mass of relative advantages in several arenas: information, knowledge, understanding, decisionmaking (command and control), which are addressed in this book and other arenas including morale and leadership which have been treated extensively elsewhere.

The nature of this residual uncertainly is, as yet, unclear and its implications are not fully understood. Nevertheless, there is an historic opportunity to reconsider how best to deal with the fog and friction that will persist, and this is likely to have profound implications for military operations and organizations. 38 Understanding Information Age Warfare Impact of Fog and Friction Figure 19 illustrates the relationship between the amount of fog and friction and the level of synchronization that is likely to be achieved in military operations, which is directly related to effectiveness.

Therefore, it is not surprising that military concepts of operation, organizations, doctrine, and training have always been preoccupied with reducing the effects and risks associated with fog and friction. Taken together, these enduring characteristics of war have shaped our traditions, our military culture, and our thinking. Departure from these norms will be difficult and will require a high degree of proof that the new way is not only better, but is also robust. Recent advances in technology offer an opportunity to reduce fog and friction.

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