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In416 the Churchpermittedconvertswho werelax in their observanceof Christianityto returnto Judaismif theirconversionswere knownto have been motivatedby somethingotherthandevotionto the Christianfaith(Linder,pp. 275-276), but this was not repeatedin AlaricII's Breviarium(promulgated506), nor was it acceptedby the FourthCouncilof Toledoin 633, whose positionwas endorsedby AdrianI (see JeanJuster, "TheLegal Conditionof the Jews underthe VisigothicKings,"translatedand annotatedby AlfredoM. Rabello,Israel Law Review 11 [July 1976]:409-410, and SolomonGrayzel,The Church and the Jews in the XIIIth Century, vol.

Such an argumentwas advancedat the Second Council of Nicaea (787) but failed to receive papalapprovalfrom AdrianI (r. Naturnaiben Hil'ai, head of the rabbinicacademyat Sura,Babylonia(853-858), as well as a numberof his successors,regarded the apostateas having left Judaism:"becausehe apostatizedhe has left the sanctityof Israel and the sanctityof his father"'Yet Naturnailimited the practicalapplicationof this ruling to mattersof inheritance;with respect to personalstatus, Jewish law took a stringentposition and continuedto sourceof canonlaw (Linder,p.

HarvardUniversityPress, 1987). See furtherSusan Gubar,"RepresentingPornography:Feminism,Criticism,and Depictionsof FemaleViolation,"in For Adult Users Only,ed. SusanGubarand JoanHoff (Bloomington: IndianaUniversityPress, 1989),pp. 47-67. 64. Rae Langton,"SpeechActs and UnspeakableActs,"Philosophy& PublicAffairs22 (1993):313. 65. 99-134. See alsoAmyRichlin, pp. 158-179. "ReadingOvid'sRapes,"in PornographyandRepresentation, 66. 23. 67. 605f4-10. " and the Silencingof Anita Hill," 68. See Amy Richlin, "RomanOratory,Pornography, SouthernCaliforniaLawReview65 (1992): 1321-32.

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