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2 The sentiment, however, was accurate enough: he tried at least 6,000 separate substances (including beard hair) for the filament in the incandescent light bulb. Nikola Tesla, however, did design-work in his head, able to picture complex mechanics and circuitry in three dimensions. S. Navy. Tesla, an ethnic Serb, emigrated from Paris in 1884, with a letter of introduction to Thomas Edison from a mutual associate. ” Within a few months, Tesla had improved on some of Edison’s machines and designs for direct current transmission of electricity.

18 Agent McLaughlin, however, had not wanted the impresario of the West either mucking things up or getting any credit for arresting Sitting Bull, which McLaughlin had thought he could accomplish. ”19 Whether or not Cody would have made a positive difference during Sitting Bull’s arrest cannot be known, but Sitting Bull’s death did precipitate a much larger tragedy than the sadness a few friends experienced at his passing. The most famous and enduring (and in this case unplanned) massacre of Indians took place at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on December 29, 1890, only two weeks after Sitting Bull died.

On the way to Sand Creek, Chivington had actually stopped at the fort and recruited some last-minute volunteers from the regular army troops posted there. ”4 The leader in camp was Black Kettle, who had recently come with his wife to Fort Lyon at the army’s request to show his loyalty and peaceful intentions. S. flag flew over Black Kettle’s tent. Chivington and his 700 troops circled the village and unleashed rifle and cannon fire indiscriminately, killing scores in the initial volleys, mainly women and children.

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