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15 Magazine ��������������� trends CLICK TO VIEW TABLE Catalogues Catalogues are more often than not printed via heatset web offset or gravure. Cataloguers have perhaps been the poster children for multichannel marketing. And, in fact, it is telling that the leading trade publication for the industry—Catalog Age— renamed itself Multi-Channel Merchant several years ago. Cataloguers have availed themselves of a wide variety of media and channels to wrangle sales—printed catalogues, e-mail marketing, general Internet marketing, cable television, retail stores, branded ‘advertorial’ content, and so forth.

The only way to get accurate and complete data on run length is to conduct a plant audit, where the researcher physically visits a printing plant and counts sheets coming off the press. The trouble is, these types of audits have only been done as proprietary research projects for equipment manufacturers and thus remain unavailable to the general analyst or book author. Indeed, the last major, comprehensive audit of plant run lengths was conducted in the 1970s by a prominent manufacturer. As we all suspect, there may have been a change or two in the industry since then...

Survey after survey of media buyers show their budget dollars shifting away from print; one representative figure is courtesy of Kantar Media and Silicon Valley Insider, and shows ad spending by medium from 2009 vs. 1 Ad ������������������������������������ spending by medium, 2009 vs. 2008 CLICK TO VIEW And this chart doesn’t even take into account the fact that some of the biggest marketing efforts of the past year or two have not been the kinds of things that get tracked in ad spending surveys or projections.

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