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Those primary rules were stumbled on and utilized long ago fifty years--in the reminiscence of the residing. they've got revolutionized technological know-how in all its departments. Our textbooks on Chemistry, gentle, warmth, electrical energy and Sound have needed to be fullyyt re-written; and in lots of different departments, particularly in drugs and psychology, they've got but to be re-written. Our textbooks are in a transition kingdom, every one new one going a step farther, to make the swap sluggish from the previous kinds of trust to the recent, in order that even Tyndall's textbook on "Sound" is now so antedated, or antiquated, that it could actually were written in darkest Africa prior to the pyramids have been outfitted, rather than two decades in the past.

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Mr. Clerk Maxwell ingeniously suggests the extension of the common theory of the foci of conic sections to curves of a higher degree of complication, in the following manner:— 1. As in the ellipse and hyperbola, any point in the curve has the sum or difference of two lines drawn from two points or foci = a constant quantity, so the author infers that curves to a certain degree analogous may be described and determined by the condition that the simple distance from one focus, plus a multiple distance from the other, may be = a constant quantity; or more generally, m times the one distance + n times the other = constant.

89 Viz. for a competition in Scripture Knowledge, which was open to the 5th, 6th, and 7th classes. The prize was gained that year by one of the 7th. 90 “Mathematical Prize” is added between the lines by Mr. S. to the letter. 91 “The trial exercises,” ditto, ditto. 92 In these competitions we seem to have been allowed to stay till we had done all we knew. Witness the following extract from the Diary:—“1847, July, Mon. —James at Academy trial for Prize for Scripture Knowledge. Worked from 9 to 5.

His answer was soon ready, and his tormentors might make of it what they list. ” He returned to Heriot Row that afternoon with [50] his tunic in rags and “wanting” the skirt; his neat frill rumpled and torn;—himself excessively amused by his experiences, and showing not the smallest sign of irritation. It may well be questioned, however, whether something had not passed within him, of which neither those at home nor his schoolfellows ever knew. The nickname of “Dafty” which they then gave him clung to him while he remained at school, and he took no pains to get rid of it.

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