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By Clifford Pickover

Archimedes to Hawking takes the reader on a trip around the centuries because it explores the eponymous actual laws--from Archimedes' legislation of Buoyancy and Kepler's legislation of Planetary movement to Heisenberg's Uncertainty precept and Hubble's legislation of Cosmic Expansion--whose ramifications have profoundly altered our daily lives and our realizing of the universe.

Throughout this interesting publication, Clifford Pickover invitations us to proportion within the awesome adventures of terrific, quirky, and passionate humans after whom those legislation are named. those lawgivers change into a desirable, assorted, and infrequently eccentric staff of individuals. Many have been tremendous flexible polymaths--human dynamos with a possible limitless provide of interest and effort and who labored in lots of assorted components in technological know-how. Others had non-conventional educations and displayed their strange abilities from an early age. a few skilled resistance to their rules, inflicting major own suffering. Pickover examines greater than forty nice legislation, offering short and cogent introductions to the technology in the back of the legislation in addition to attractive biographies of such scientists as Newton, Faraday, Ohm, Curie, and Planck. all through, he comprises attention-grabbing, little-known tidbits when it comes to the legislations or lawgiver, and he presents cross-references to different legislation or equations pointed out within the booklet. For a number of entries, he comprises basic numerical examples and solved difficulties in order that readers may have a hands-on figuring out of the applying of the law.

A sweeping survey of medical discovery in addition to an exciting portrait gallery of a few of the best minds in background, this very good quantity will interact all people attracted to technological know-how and the actual international or within the awesome creativity of those superb thinkers.

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