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By Rudolf Arnheim

Due to the fact its first book in 1954, this paintings has verified itself as a special vintage. It applies the techniques and findings of the interval psychology to the learn of paintings; it descirbes the visible method that happens while humans create - or examine - works within the numerous arts, and explains how they manage visible fabric in accordance with certain mental legislation. Artists, critics, artwork historicans, scholars, and basic readers have stumbled on it a hugely readable publication.

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Wertheimer used these terms to describe the difference between starting the analysis of a pattern with its components and proceeding to their combinations-the method I just used with the rules of grouping-and beginning with the overall struc­ ture of the whole and descending from there to more and more subordinated parts. Grouping from below and subdivision from above are reciprocal concepts. Figure 55 An important difference between the two procedures is that in starting from below we can apply the principle of simplicity only to the similarity that ob­ tains between unit and unit, whereas when we apply it from above, the same principle accounts for overall organization as well.

Gorn- says Alberti, half the figure can be made on the island of Paros and the other of this method that it allows reproduction of an individual object, but that the result comes as a surprise. In no way can the nature of the statue's shape be gleaned from the measurements, which must be applied before the result is known. ' E zontal (x) 53 Cartesian coordinate. Here, too, a sufficient number of measure­ ments will permit construction of the figure. Whenever possible, however, the geometrician will go beyond the mere accumulation of unrelated data.

Modern artists have experimented with reorganizing obj ects in ways that contradict everyday ex­ perience. " Figure 46 Why, then, do our eyes serve us well most of the time? It is more than a lucky coincidence. For one thing, the man-made part of the world is fitted to human needs. Only the secret doors in old castles and modern automobiles 74 SHAPE SHAPE 75 blend with the walls. The letter boxes in London are painted a bright red to make them stand out from their surroundings. However, not only the mind of man but physical nature as well must obey the law of simplicity.

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