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By Helena Harker

Whilst Jenna runs right into a former pupil she used to have a overwhelm on, she makes a decision to make her lusty fantasies a truth. Justin is learning superb Arts in collage, and while he asks Jenna to pose nude for a sculpture, her internal cougar tells her to move for it. yet whereas Jenna can’t wait to coach him the best way to excitement an older lady, Justin turns the tables and comes to a decision to coach her the paintings of persistence.

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His cockiness infuriated me. At the same time, I adored this side of him. Playful. Seductive. In control. And from what I could tell by his earlier massage, he knew his way around a woman’s body. ” He fed me a grape. The sweet-sour juices burst in my mouth. ” Justin gave me two more. When a drop slid down my chin, he licked it, sending shivers of delight through my body. How much longer until the cast came off? The lamp’s heat seeped through the plaster shell, warming my breasts, my hips and especially my pussy.

Oh I could stimulate you in all kinds of ways, the cougar inside me purred. In my media class, he’d always made insightful comments about current events, and he eagerly dissected social issues. University suited him better than massage school. Although massage school had its perks. I pictured myself lying on a table, a towel draped over me from the waist down, Justin’s oiled palms sliding down my back, and then creeping under the towel, reaching all the way to my ass. In long, firm strokes, his hands glided upward, along my spine, past my shoulders, his thumbs working at the muscles, melting the tension at the base of my neck.

A beautiful model equals a beautiful sculpture. Alginate is a remarkable medium. ” “I took a pretty good look at you, Jenna, and I didn’t see anything I’d call a flaw,” he said. “Step six, removing the mold. ” Sliding his fingers along the edges of the cast, he tugged and tugged until it peeled off my body. There I stood, totally naked, my upper body glistening with oil. Free! Free! I stretched and flexed, blood rushing to my stiffened muscles. Justin carefully laid the cast on a piece of foam on the floor.

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