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Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, Volume 3

Unfinished on the time of Marx's demise in 1883 and primary released with a preface by means of Frederick Engels in 1894, the 3rd quantity of Das Kapital strove to mix the theories and ideas of the 2 earlier volumes to be able to end up conclusively that capitalism is inherently unworkable as an everlasting process for society.

Expressing Islam: Religious Life and Politics in Indonesia

Because the forces of globalisation and modernisation buffet Islam and different global religions, Indonesia's 2 hundred million Muslims are expressing their religion in ever extra advanced methods. big name tv preachers, net fatwa prone, mass spiritual rallies in football stadiums, smooth jihadist magazines, Islamic scientific remedies, alms giving through cellular phone and digital sharia banking prone are only many of the manifestations of a extra consumer-oriented method of Islam which have interaction with and infrequently substitute different, extra conventional expressions of the religion.

The Congress of Vienna: Origins, Processes, and Results

In 1814-1815, after the French progressive and Napoleonic Wars, the leaders of an important nations in Europe accumulated jointly to redraw the frontiers in their continent. The Congress of Vienna explores the try out by way of Britain, Russia, Austria and Prussia to agree Europe's new frontiers after nearly 20 years of continuing scuffling with opposed to France and analyses how profitable the Congress was once.

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For example, shy and retiring types who do not want private aspects of their lives investigated and judged may choose not to run, even though they may be immensely qualified for the actual tasks of office. Narcissists, on the other hand, only too eager to obtain evidence of their superiority, might seek out elected office at a disproportionate rate, regardless of their qualifications. Yet voters can choose only among existing options; they cannot support candidates who refuse to run for office.

The prospect of disabled leaders arouses fear, anger, and anxiety in many observers and constituents as they contemplate the loss of stability, security, or predictability in their nation’s future. This public discomfort can produce different outcomes. On the one hand, voters often appear loath to vote for candidates who had past serious illnesses, even if they appear to be “cured” at the time of the campaign. This occurred in 1972 with the revelation of vice-presidential candidate Tom Eagleton’s past bouts with depression and his treatment with electroshock therapy.

Most presciently, L’Etang wrote about the expense-account meal. The notion of the impact of diet and exercise on physical functioning has increased in importance over the past quarter century. Certainly, dining out frequently makes it harder to avoid the high-salt, high-fat diet that exacerbates heart conditions. L’Etang was cautious in warning that the mere presence of these illnesses and conditions should not immediately lead to the conclusion that those afflicted are not fit for office. The existence of some kind of impairment does not automatically mean that the particular condition inevitably exerts a negative impact on judgment and decision making.

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