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By David Ginzburg, Erez Lapid, David Soudry

This booklet is the second one of 2 volumes, which characterize prime topics of present study in automorphic varieties and illustration thought of reductive teams over neighborhood fields. Articles during this quantity customarily symbolize worldwide elements of automorphic types. one of the subject matters are the hint formulation; functoriality; representations of reductive teams over neighborhood fields; the relative hint formulation and sessions of automorphic types; Rankin - Selberg convolutions and L-functions; and, p-adic L-functions. The articles are written by way of prime researchers within the box, and convey the reader, complex graduate scholars and researchers alike, to the frontline of the energetic study in those deep, important subject matters. The better half quantity (""Contemporary arithmetic, quantity 488"") is dedicated to international features of automorphic types

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9). 9); it does not depend on φ(. . . ) ⎧ 2n−1 3 ) if t11 ≡ t22 ≡ t33 ≡ 0(p2n−1 ) ⎨ (p 2πi·tr( p1n T aN pε Rv ) pn e = ⎩ 2n−1 0 otherwise ri mod p Remark. 5) of M that a · ε ≡ 1(p2n−1 ). Remark. This result is compatible with the expected “width” p. 9) av pn + aε N p2n−1 ” ” ·T . α, β, γ modN pn We decompose the summation into p-component and N -component: ε = N εp + p2n−1 εN 0 where εp = αp βp αp 0 γp βp γp 0 and αp , βp γp run modulo pn and analogously for εN . 10) a · {pn · u · 13 + εN }t ≡ 13 mod N p2n−1 .

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